Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Dadape Pohe

4 cups patal pohe (thin variety)
1 medium onion finely chopped
1 small tomato finely chopped
1 small cucumber finely chopped
1 cup of fresh grated coconut
1 green chilli finely chopped (as per taste)
2 tbsp of fresh coriander finely chopped
Juice of 1 lemon
1 tbsp sugar
2-3 tbsp roasted peanuts (optional)
Salt to taste
For tadka – 2 tbsp oil, mustard seeds, cumin seeds, turmeric powder and hing
Sev and curd for serving

1. Sieve pohe and make sure they are clean.
2. Take pohe and add all ingredients and mix well.
3. Now heat oil for tadka. When the oil heats, add mustard and cumin seeds. When these sputter, add hing and turmeric powder.
4. Add this tadka on the poha and mix it gently with a spoon.
5. Transfer these to a flat container and keep them covered for an hour.
6. Serve with a sprinkle of sev and a side of curd.

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